Orient in Olomouc

I have checked with my mum and yes oriental stuff is possible to buy in our city only since the revolution. Of course it was almost impossible to buy anything to wear here during the communistic era so forget about something exotic.

Yep, you may forget it.

Buuut…things changed, times changed and here we are buying pants and t-shirts handmade in Asia. And I’m not talking about things from almost slaves from Bangladesh but about oriental shops showing real oriental stuff.

There are now two of them in the centre of Olomouc town. It is old gold Bob batik on the Lower square and a quite new thing called Sittar on the Pekarska street.

I was a customer of both this places last month and it was a pure bliss. I went back to my high school times and bought a blue skirt with typical Bob batik ornaments. I used to wear their shalfs and t-shirts all the time when I was studying Spanish language on one of the four high schools in Olomouc.

Bob batik ornaments


What else can you buy in Bob batik? Wonderful bed covers, original shirts, colorful dresses, ponchos,carpets and lovely silver jewellery. They have their own manufactury for batiqued clothes. You can read the tale of this shop in the dressing room.

My sarungs from Bob batik, I just love the ornaments

In the second shop –Sittar you may get some real beauties. I visited few weeks ago, so here is the latest stuff: soft shalfs, colourful dresses, wonderful felt decorations for hair, some five or six types of comfy trousers, scented oils and lots of pretty jewellery.

This shop has things from Nepal, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

My new pair of trousers from Sittar shop, very comfy

So if you feel like orient in Olomouc go and check these places out! Let me know if you got something pretty.


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