Reasons to visit Prague

You really really should come to Prague. Even if you already have been to Prague, you should come again. Why? Because you can see so much there. Even Czech people like to go to Prague from time to time to enjoy their time in the capital city.

The view of Prague city

Young experiences

When czech kids are in the middle of high school it is a tradition to go on a trip to Prague to get to know our capital face to face. I remember that trip even though I have part of family living in Prague so it was not my first time visiting. It was great. We were sleeping in a hostel close to Vltava river and spent the whole day walking around the city center. Our teacher of Czech language and history gave us speeches about each interesting place and we were staring at the buildings and places with a new respect.

Later I spent one week in Prague on my own, I was maybe 15 years old, girl and all alone, so you can tell how safe it is to come here.

My favourite part of Prague - the paving.
My favourite part of Prague – the paving.
It is called Prague´s mosaic and made from black and white marble. You cannot see it anywhere else.

For me its crowded

There are many tourists in Prague each time of the year, which is something you will not find in another town in the Czech Republic, maybe except Český Krumlov. But even if you are looking for something calmer, there are nice and cosy places in Prague as well.

Prague has a private face as well, you just need to look for it

This is not my last word

Prague has a nice tourist guide on the internet and plenty of infocenters and even free guides for foreigners so you may enjoy your visit very easily. I will be adding my favourite places here one by one. I go to Prague once a month to see my boss so the tips should come quite often. 😉

Prague is beautiful from inside of the streets or from the tops of hills – everywhere

Links to Prague

I made a research for you guys and found some great websites and blogs about Prague. There are many good tips and since I am glad I do not have to sit down and write that all by myself (imagine that) I will share them with you.

The official site of Prague in english, you can find news, activities and tips for tourists there

Tips on culture, restaurants, The Royal Route scenic route and Petřín tower lookout tower

Restaurants and bars, money, locals, safety, smoking and sightseeing in Prague

Special post about Prague gardens – Vyšehrad (Uptown), Divoká Šárka and Petřín gardens

Guide to activities, booking, transport and anything you may need while visiting our capital


Have you been to Prague? What have you enjoyed the most? Or is there something I should check out for you before you come visiting? Tell me.


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