A place for music and drink – The Bounty Rock Cafe in Olomouc

The Salsa Party

Are you visiting Olomouc on Thursday? Or you even live here and still have not found this out?

Almost every Thursday you can try dancing salsa, chacha, bachata and many other latin dances in the Bounty Rock Cafe. It´s the Salsa Party!


The show

Even if you do not dance you can enjoy your visit a lot, since the dancers here are mostly professional dancers or lectors of dance there is lot to look at. (Or stare actually.)

We come every Thursday with my family as we learned salsa from our friend from Cuba (we are no professionals, but love to dance latin dances) The dancing starts at 20:00. Come and see it for yourself. Check out the interiers HERE.

The drinks and food

The club serves variable menu of food and drinks. You can have soups, salads, fried meals, steaks and hot specialities.

For apetizer you can try the nachos with 3 types of salsa.

For drink you can have beer – Radegast, Plzeň and Moritz (the last one made right in Olomouc.) Or you can try many kinds of rums, whiskeys, vines and mixed drinks (Mojito, Cuba Libre, Tequila Sunrise, Daiquiri and Malibu Piňa Colada.) Lately they serve Kingswood Cider too.


No  smoking area

The place is no smoking only, so you won´t need to wash your hair after the visit, which is nice.

The new one

One of the most modern dances now danced in Czech Republic is Zouk and you can see it and try it in here. If you wish to practice dancing it before coming on the stage you can try these videos. (I learned it myslef from these, so I share, they are good.)

Not just the dancing

You can tell there is going to be the Salsa Party when the central place of the club is free of furniture. But if the tables stay and the podium gets free instead there is going to be a concert.

Many people come here almost every week for a good music. It is usually some kind of rock. You can read their plans on their website. And this is where the club is situated. (close to the main railway station in Olomouc)

Would you like to see the Olomouc town at night? Check out :

Olomouc town at night or The Lovely Sights


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