Stewed carrot – the sweet but salty czech dish that will make your day

Stewed carrot (dušená mrkev in czech) is a must try,even if you usually cook only eggs.

What´s there to love about it? It is an easy recipe, it has a nice color and it is terribly cheap.

The czech stewed carrot with fried eggs and potatoes – lovely combination of yellows and orange

For this dish you will need carrot, oil, sugar, lemon or vinegar, salt and a bit of flour.

If you wonder about the amounts it goes like this:

One and half carrot on person.  The flour should be about two spoons, just to make the sauce thicker. The rest is used by your taste.

The recipe is from my grandma, who got it from her mum and I bet she got it from hers. So you may say my whole family tree is into carrot. lol

(small lecture of Czech language:)


This is how you make it:

You grate the carrots. Put them into pot and cook it until they are soft.

Then you add the salt, sugar and lemon or vinegar. The taste should be sweet and sour.

After that you pour the flour in and stir so it doesn´t make small lumps.

Voilá it is done. The correct look:

My other grandma makes this dish as well, but to my child eyes it was completely different as she was using red pots instead of green ones. My family still laughs at me after all these years.

The side dish are cooked potatoes and fried eggs.


Enjoy your meal! Dobrou chuť!

Are you interested in other czech meals? Try sweet and tasty žemlovka in this post: Sweet tooth – reconstruction


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