Trdelník is not a tradition

čtverec žlutá%0A

While searching for other bloggers writing about Czech Republic I found this highly informative post about Trdelník – the sweet treat you meet in every place here now, but it wasn´t happening a few years ago at all.

I completly agree with this citation (as I am almost 30 it´s even better lol):

…the average Czech older than 30 will likely tell you that they did not know the trdelník at all in their childhood…

Trdelník is really nothing traditional or old, it just happened to get popular lately (I think its the good smell). Nothing against this kind of cake. And of course if you like to eat it, go on. I just wished to share this information with you.

Check out the history of Trdelnik here in the original and very good post from Pickledwings on Beyond Prague blog


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