What to drink in Olomouc, Czech Republic

While it´s still cold it may come handy to know where to find something to warm yourself when walking through the streets of Olomouc. I am not talking about warm shalfs or sweaters. And since the time for good warm punch is usually before Christmas and now its February I do not mean that either.

This time I will make people who cannot drink alcohol (like me…damn medicine) or simply decided to try something new happy.

The picture says it all.

There is only one big cinema (as opposite to multicinemas) in Olomouc nowdays and that is Metropol, close to the Upper Square and behind the Koruna (crown) shopping centre. And across the street is a small shop where we are heading to.

Have a map.

Moštovna lažany means factory where apple juice is made in Lažany town.

You will find lots of bottles and glasses there. In the glasses there is honey and in the bottles there is a great juice. And that´s our goal.

Each bottle holds a different kind of juice.

You may get a whole bottle of apple, pear or grape and many other juices for home. Or get a pretty present for yor beloveds in a shape of five little bottles of different kinds of juice in a pretty package.

But if you are wandering through the city and feel cold, the best will be to get yourself a glass of nice hot apple juice. It costs 20 crowns which is cheaper than a cup of coffee in any caffé.


The many kinds

If you talk czech you may read about each product on the website of the company Moštovna Lažany. For the rest of you let me tell you they have juices not only from apples, but also from grapes, carrot, pears and carrot. They make juices also in BIO quality with or without flesh. And if you choose to buy a nectar you may have even strawberries, apricots or oranges.

You can find juices from this company in many other stores.

Cranberries? They have them too.

I am a little bit of maniac for hot juices so I was very happy to enjoy this drink during our shopping time.

If you wonder where to go shopping, the centre of the Olomouc town is full of little shops – boutiques, notions stores, stationery shops, drugstores, shoes shops, bakeries and food stores. If you wish for a shopping mall trip there is newly rebuild Gallerie Moritz close to the Upper Square. There are places to sit down inside the building in case its too cold outside, but you do not wish to go to any caffeteria or a pub.


I should also mention here, that apple juice is quite a traditional drink in Czech Republic as many people used to have or still do have orchards behind their houses and make the drink every year.

In case you are wondering I was not paid to write this post and all the opinions are my own. I visited the apple juice shop three weeks ago.


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