My favourite czech music 02 -The Czech Nightingales

As much as I love rythm and lyrics it will always be the melody of each song that speaks to me the most everytime. And it will always be human voice that can hold the clearest and most beautiful melody. It connects music with emotions everytime it sounds and it can hold me breathless while listening to a well sung song.

That´s why I am bringing you the best voices the Czech Republic does have right now. I do not want to say they are alone and I suppose everyone has his favorites and they may differ from mine. But in our national competition The Czech Nightingale (Český Slavík) the most often winning persons are two people and thats Lucie Bílá and Karel Gott.

I will probably give them more space in some other posts made just for each of them, but I found a song Krása / Beauty they sang together for opening of The Best of Miss Czech Republic and thought I will share. Also you can see them inlive here.

The song is originally by Celine Dion. The lyrics are new and talk about beauty and its many faces. As Miss Czech Republic is a competition of  most pretty girls here so it is fitting.

The other video features another song that is great and well known – Co sudičky přály nám / What the Fates wished for us.

I translated the refrain for you:

What Fates wished us, who knows,
not even the devil himself can tell,
perhaps thats how it should be.
After all the life is beautiful by the uncertainity of what it will prepare for us.

What Fates wished us, why to ask
It should be a quiz forever,
perhaps it should be so,
when the future is a mystery more or less uncertain.

Maybe you would like to read and listen to the first post in this series Lets play the music 01 – The anthem of Czech Republic


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