What can you expect when visiting the Czech Republic in April

Come to the Czech Republic during April and try all our weather at  once!

I was thinking about a good commercial saying for this month and the one above fits the most.

My boyfriend says you could miss slippery ice from winter, but that should be all. We have the rest covered.

How it usually goes in April

You get out from the house and it is sunny.

It may be sunny so much that you will be using sun glasses and looking for some lotion. You will wish you had some beach behind the house to enjoy the lovely day.

There is no sea in Czech Republic, so you may forget it.

But half an hour later it is  “Come fly away with me” by Sinatra, a strong wind around 25 meters per second fast.

Right after that comes a heavy rain. You open your umbrella, but the wind comes back. Just when your umbrella turns inside out and stops working the rain changes into snow.

It is snowing heavily and you wonder if it is too late to buy christmas presents.

You forget about those right when hail stones start knocking on your head. It is really cold and the air from your mouth makes little clouds of steam.

And just when you have cursed the whole sky for this weather the sun comes back. You may even see a rainbow.

Congratulation, you have managed to witness most of the czech weather in one day.

Rain – in czech “déšť”

Bit of czech vocabulary

The crazines described above is what we call “The April Weather” (Aprílové počasí).

One should notice that Apríl in czech language is not the whole month but only the first day aka The April Fools´Day. So the name fits. The weather is making fun of us.

The whole month is called Duben. How to pronounce Duben

The april date

The weather described above happened on a date with my boyfriend. We were lucky enough to be close to one pizzeria when the storm came. Did I mention lightnings? They were there too. And I suppose it will be the same for the whole Duben.

Maybe come to Czech Republic the next month, we will have all the tests of weather for the whole year done by that time.


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