Easter – how we celebrate it 1

Easter is here. And as this celebration of spring is celebrated very vehemently in our family I decided to share all the stuff with you. This is a series of posts describing pagan czech traditions that stayed in the minds of people even after the christianization and keep being part of every spring in the Czech Republic.

The brilliance of an egg

One of the main symbols of spring is an egg. The most usual egg you can get here is one from a hen and we buy a lot of them for Easter.

An egg alone is a beautiful shape and in my eyes one of the best designs in nature. I am sure people must have liked eggs since they first set their eyes on them, at least thats how I imagine it, and our ancestors found many ways how to decorate the already great shapes. I think I am not overestimating it when I say each region of Czech Republic does have its own way how to decorate eggs.

Our family has a little collection of eggs from different regions and I plan to write a separate post about it.

In this post I will show you our family´s way how to decorate eggs.

Of course you can simply buy chocolate eggs, but where is the fun in that?

How you know the Easter is coming

I said we buy hen eggs for Easter.

We do and we do not take it lightly. This is our pantry:

You can see many kinds of commercial eggs in here, but it´s a lie we use the boxes to buy eggs from our local farmer.

Also we are preparing for Easter since Christmas. Does it sound crazy? It is not. It just takes time to collect as many onion skins as we need for coloring the eggs.

This is the amount of onion skins we use for all our eggs to get the right color.

How to

This is how your eggs will look like after the coloring, We use it as a backround for more wax painting. I will write post about wax coloring as soon as we do it and I have photos.


And this is how you color the eggs:

1. take as many eggs as you need, we usually give one egg to each callorer.

(callorers are only males, they come on Easter Monday and what is happening then will be said in next posts)


2. Take a big pot and put your eggs in after making a little hole into the rounded end of each egg


3. Put the skins of onion into a plastic bag, make holes into the bag so the color gets to the eggs but the onion stays in.

Pour water into the pot and into the bag. The pot should be full.


4. Put the pot on a stove. Wait till the water starts boiling, then cook for 5 minutes.



5. Let the water and eggs cool down. If you let the eggs lay in the water longer they will get nicer darker colour.

The amazing onion results

This is how a wax painted, onion colored egg looks like (in the middle of the photo)


See you in a next post about Easter!

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