Advanced Guide: Weird Czech Food – 01

This guide to the czech traditional food was written by Tereza Vítková from Project Guidilo that lets people to enjoy Prague (our capital) with locals and from their point of view.

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All these dishes are well known and made by mothers, grandmas and sometimes the manly part of families all over the Czech Republic.

This is the first part of this series. You will read about starters and soups.

Starters (Předkrmy)

Pork crackling spread (Škvarková pomazánka)
Homemade pork crackling spread mixed with spring onion and served with bread is a must.

Beer cheese (Pivní sýr)
A kind of extremely pungent cheese mixed and smashed with chopped onions, paprika, mustard, (sometimes butter as well) and a little actual beer to create a dish according your taste.

Olomouc cheese (Olomoucké tvarůžky)
Famous stinky cheese from Olomouc with a low fat content (roughly 1%), high protein and calcium content is therefore suitable for a low-fat or gluten-free diet. The tradition of making this cheese dates back to the 15th century.

Fried bread (Topinka)
A slice of semi-dark bread fried in fat and sprinkled with salt and brushed liberally with garlic. Just cut a clove in half and rub the cut end over the crispy bread; the sharp edges grate it nicely into a spread. Also goes well with steak tartare (tatarák or tatarský biftek).

Soups (Polévky)

Garlic soup (Česneková polévka or česnečka)
This soup is said to be the number one hangover cure. It’s a simple affair of broth, potatoes, garlic and onions, sometimes served with croutons, grated cheese, and small pieces of ham or egg.

Tripe soup (Dršťková polévka)
A thick soup made of strong beef stock with pre-cooked tripe, root vegetables, marjoram, paprika and garlic. Comes very spicy.

Kulajda soup (Kulajda)
This creamy, thick soup is prepared according to various recipes all over the country. Kulajda is usually made with potatoes, dill, mushrooms and eggs.

Dill soup (Koprová polévka)
A soup prepared from sour milk with floating eggs, whole or cut in the middle.

Whats next

You have just read a first part of series about traditional czech food from Tereza from project Guidilo.

Next part of this series will be about the main courses and the vegetarian dishes.

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