Advanced Guide: Weird Czech Food 03

This guide to the czech traditional food was written by Tereza Vítková from Project Guidilo that lets people to enjoy Prague (our capital) with locals and from their point of view.

Visit their websites here.

All these dishes are well known and made by mothers, grandmas and sometimes the manly part of families all over the Czech Republic.

This is the last part of this series. You will read about sweet dishes.

In the last posts you could read about 01- starters and soups and 02 – main courses and vegetarian dishes.

Sweet dishes (sladká jídla)

Bread pudding (Žemlovka or Zemlbába)
A sweet dish made of apples and rohlíks or veka which are soaked by sweet milk, served with cinnamon and raisins.

Semolina porridge (Krupicová kaše)
A porridge made from semolina boiled in sweetened milk. It’s served warm, sprinkled with cocoa, sugar, melted butter or cinnamon.

Pancakes / Crêpes (Palačinky)
A thin crêpe-like variety of pancake – light and rollable, filled with jam, fruit, chocolate or whipped cream.

Sweet noodles with poppy seed (Nudle s mákem)
Homemade noodles with ground poppy seeds are served with powdered sugar and melted butter.
Another similar dish is potato cones with poppy seeds (Bramborové šišky s mákem), called cones as they resemble cones of a coniferous trees.

Thank you

This was the last part of posts about traditional czech food from Tereza from the Guidilo project.

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