What to visit in the Czech Republic – Ostrava city

Let me introduce you to a pretty big city (according to people from the Czech Republic): Ostrava.


It has a long history of mining but there are many other things to see there for sure. Big city needs big churches, big Zoo and many others.

This week I am writting about places I have yet to discover myself, but I found great sources about them  for you my readers (so you may be even faster then me to check these places out). For example in Ostrava I have “been” only from a car. It still made a great impression on me. The many factories, huge buildings and streets, the wide streets. I really wish to visit someday again.

But my friend Katka visited the city this month and enjoyed her stay very much. Thanks to her we have these photos of memorable buildings and places and also she sent me a link for the video. (it´s not her own)

So thank you Katka 😉 and lets start the show:

The museum of Ostrava
a church
One of squares seen from the townhall tower (you can take a tour for a small fee)
The memorial of battle for a bridge in Ostrava during the Second World War.

The video I have for you is completely different from the big everything in Ostrava. It does not show any mining, coal or big buildings. It is a cute little thing they have in Ostrava on a building of the Museum of puppets.  The show you are going to see you can watch there every even hour. I suppose you have heard about the astronomical clock of Prague, maybe you have even heard about the astronomical clock in Olomouc. Each is pretty, each is different. This video will show you the astronomical clock or “orloj” in czech (read something like ohrloy) of Ostrava.

Enjoy the show.

More photos of Ostrava are coming now.

One of traffic circles with a statue of horse in the middle.
Closeup of the same statue – it shows a horse from the coat of arms of Ostrava and mining vagon – mining was typical for Ostrava.
a famous bridge
a theatre
The townhall of Ostrava
The flag of Ostrava city

Thanky ou for reading, please like if you like this post and come visit the Czech Republic!


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