Great place to visit in the Czech Republic – Děčín city

Remember how I told you in the last post about big city Ostrava I am going to write about places I have not visited yet? Bingo. Another one!

This time lets talk about Děčín!



Click here for a google map, click here for a wikipedia post about Děčín or visit the official site for turists

(please use google translator of webs for the last one, unfortunately I did not find english version)

Why write about someplace I did not visit yet?

Well – reason number one- I plan to visit this town as soon as possible, because I liked the videos I am going to share with you so much and if these videos inspired me, they may inspire you as well.

Reason two – one does not find czech videos without czech commentary often so when I do I share them.


The facts of Děčín

I have seen a few more other videos about Děčín in czech language and these are things I took home:

Děčín is in Northwest Bohemia close to Germany.

It is the lowest positioned town in Czech Republic.

It has six Via Ferrattas – places where you can climb rocks while being safe not to fall down, you get a helmet, rope and a guide for your safe journey up.

There used to be a big cycling competition in the near past and so there is a really good place for cyclist in wild terrain with hills, rocks, trees and such.

You can go for a trip in a boat there.

There is a cultural centrum placed in a castle. (The castles in Czech Republic are, when opened for visitors, places of fun and interesting time for the whole family, you can usually see the interiors and hear about the castles history, I suppose the castle in Děčín will be a great place.)

The videos

So much from me, here are the two videos

Děčín – the look out towers

Děčín – The Zoo and Rajské ostrovy

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