Beautifull design from the Czech Republic – church and castle in Tovačov

This is a first hand experience from Tovačov … a little town in Moravia, close to Olomouc.

See that? I wanted it home.

Since I could not exactly take the handle home, I decided to take a photo. To my happiness I found another handle on the next door we met. The logical outcome was another photo…

Then there were the knockers…after seeing them I decided one collection of out door art is not enough. (My collection of outdoor art of Czech Republic can be found here.)

From now on I am going to collect photos of handles as well!

This last photo is a handle of the church of St.Venceslaw also in Tovačov.

If you wonder what else is there to see in Tovačov except handles, there will be another post about Tovačov sights and monuments soon.

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