Cute place to visit in the Czech Republic – Tovačov town

Traveling the Czech Republic does not always mean visiting only big cities like Prague or Brno. There are many small towns with interesting views and a beautiful old architecture.

I visited such town a week ago, it is called Tovačov and it was great. Tovačov is situated very close to Olomouc, you can get there by a bus or car. I plan to come back again to see more of the town’s historical parts soon – mainly the main square, the townhall and the insides of the Tovačov castle.

This time I wish to show you the church I visited. It is a church of St.Wenceslas, who is the main patron of  the Czech Republic. It is quite a big church.

By looking inside the church you can find out what does a typical czech baroque church look like. I say typical, because most of churches I visited, in many parts of our country, looked like this.

In the main part is always the altair of the church’s patron. The wooden benches for attenders of a mass are usually beautifuly decorated by carving. There are very often crystal chandeliers and floor constructed from marble.

This is the interior of a small chaple next to the main space of the church.

Next time I would like to invite you into the Tovačov castle. It is truly a beautiful place. To be remainded about my next post join my mail list.

To see my fresh photos from traveling the Czech Republic visit my instagram, the name is simply @czechmenu


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