Weather of the Czech Republic in September

If you are traveling to Czech Republic in September, be prepared for a wide range of kinds of weather. 

First there are the cold mornings often accompanied by fog, then comes the hot day and the temperatures sometimes hit the 30°C. We are no Egypt, but it is still a lot to manage for a human organism. 

Right when you are already a walking zombie from the heat a storm comes and cools you down.

What to pack: sunglasses, umbrella or raincoat, hat and suncream, also some cream to treat a sunburn.

In case of emergency you can buy a spray for treating sunburn in every pharmacy here. It is called Panthenol.

During storms don’t hide under trees and don’t go walking in parcs, so some branch does not fall on you. Also don’t run across wide open spaces so you do not get hit by a lightning. If you already are in such space and there is nowhere to hide, you have to squat and wait  for the storm to stop. That has never happened to me, but I do not get to mountains so often. 

In a city it is everytime a good idea to hide in a restaurant or at least in an entrance of some house. Houses have lightning rods, that comes handy in this situation.

Stay safe, happy traveling!

To see more of my travel art visit my instagram: @czechmenu is the name to look for.


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