Beautifull design from the Czech Republic – the cathedral of Pilsen

You have probably noticed from my latest instagram photos I have been visiting Western and Central Bohemia the last week. If you have not seen the photos yet, my instagram is @czechmenu.

One of the places I visited was the European Capital of Culture of 2015 – Pilsen. 
In the middle of the big main square of Pilsen stands a cathedral and not only it is a beautiful building, it also does have wonderful design details. 

You cannot take photos inside the cathedral, but luckily the handles were outside. And so I got new part into my Czech Handles Collection.

Here it is:

I love the figural and floral details. Have you noticed the little face in the middle of the door knocker?

All design lovers stay tuned for more handles to come soon. There were more in Pilsen and also in Klatovy – the city with black and white tower.

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