Traveling the Czech Republic with Katka: the beautiful Opava city

This time you will see photos from place I have not visited yet, but luckily my friend Katka (instagram @katalich) was in Opava last week and shared the photos with me for all of you.

Opava is a city a bit smaller than Olomouc. And despite the bad rumours about this region with minning history it is a very clean, beautiful and historical city worth your visit.

Lets see the main building of this city – the townhall:

The tower is open for visitors on Saturdays during the summer, you can climb up and see all the city under your feet.

Katka took these photos from the tower:

These huge statues of birds are to be found on Ptačí vrch aka The Birds Hill. Inside of their bodies are movement automats, so they move from side to side.

This Evangelistic Church reminds me of the Red Church in Olomouc, they must be from the same time period as both these buildings are neogothic.

As dessert we present you the fountains of Opava and the special statue from the main square.

Stay tuned for more posts about our travels to Cechy pod Kosirem, which we visited today.

Meanwhile visit the official instagram of this blog to see more photos from the Czech Republic. — @czechmenu —!!! See ya there.


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