Olomouc: A summer walk through the city centre

For those of you, who are considering travelling to the Czech Republic and deciding about which parts to visit and for those of you who like historical cities, I am bringing this photo collection from my morning summer walk through Olomouc.

Olomouc is an old city with monuments from gothic, renaissance, baroque and all the other historical times.

If you wish to read some more about the city or check out where it is exactly, here is a link to the Olomouc’s Wikipedia site.

Lets start the walk now. It is 8 o’clock in the morning, the caffees and shops are starting to open. And summer sun is warming the cold air with its rays.

It will be pretty hot soon, so it is good we got out so early.

Through the cobblestone streets we got to the main square which is called The Upper Square. 

We can see the townhall and the fountain of Caesar from this side of the square.

Lets walk around and behind the townhall. 

We are passing by The Golden Deer house. Many houses in Olomouc have old house signs of animals and other things or beings that gave them names. It is fun to look for them on each fasade of the old czech houses.

Walking around the townhall we can see the Moravian Theater and Philharmonic. That is a place for culture and music lovers to go to. The theater holds classical and new modern pieces almost every day. There are also special plays for children.

Finally we got to the main monument of Olomouc…The Holy Trinity Column…it is on the Unesco list of the world heritage and it is built in baroque style.

This is one of the renaissance palaces on the Upper Square. Pretty and pretty old building.

It is about time to have a breakfast. I choose Paneria caffee in Moritz shopping mall. They had special offer: Latte and appricot cake. Yay.

The last monument I will show you in this post is the church of St.Moritz. This is a gothic building with famous big pipe organ inside. 

Now it is getting kinda hot so it is all for today. See ya in the next walk through the Olomouc parks.
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