The exhibition to go to in Prague right now: Three Centuries of American Prints

Last week I have visited together with my boyfriend an awesome exhibition of american prints in Prague. It takes place in the funcionalistic building of the National Gallery in Prague. You can see many more great art in there if you have more time than we did. The place is literally stucked with art until the roof. Happy place for all of us art lovers.

Three Centuries of American Prints from the National Gallery of Art, Washington

When the exhibition ends:  8.1.2017

Where:  Veletržní palác, Prague, Czech Republic

The official website of the National Gallery in Prague – details of the exhibition

  • What can one see at the exhibition?

It starts with prints from the 18th century and goes until some 2010 so the variety is big. There is lots of small and big art works and all of them are great and also very famous.

My boyfriend and me had great time looking at all the works. At first we had lots of fun exploring the animals of America as seen by Europeans, later I found John Marin whose cities in movement really talked to me. And then i almost fainted, since I had no idea there will be real Pollock. One does not get much chance to see Pollock out of nowhere when living in the Czech Republic. There were two. You can imagine my happiness. As an abstract artist I really really adore this guy, so yeah…big time.

Note for popart lovers – Warhol came to visit as well.

  • The creative corner

As we were practically the only ones visiting the exhibition at that moment (we visited right at 10 o´clock in the morning), we had lots of space and time to enjoy the “you can touch and create here” part of the exhibition.

You can try some games with composition, engraving and also layering of popart. (So the Marillyn Monroe on drugs by Warhol came to existence…just check the photos, you will understand. Yes, we are the creative types.)



You can see more pics on my travel instagram @czechmenu.

I hope you got some inspiration for visiting Prague. When you are visiting the National Gallery don’t forget to have a cup of good coffee or a tasty quiche in the great caffee in the same building. 

Lovely place, nice staff.


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