Why is a green beer being served in the Czech Republic today?

You may have noticed there is a green beer being served in the czech pubs all over the country today. Why? Well, this is no late Saint Patrick here. But it does have a bit of christian tradition in it.

So…why a GREEN beer?

This color is linked with the Green Thursday, which is this year at the 13th of April. The Green Thursday is for czech christians the day when Jesus Christ is having the last supper with the apostles.
Not that typical Czech nowdays would know this detail from the Bible. But he might know there used to be traditionally named days during the Easter. For example yesterday was the Ugly Wednesday and tommorow will be the Great Friday. And he would definitely know about the Green Thursday.

The green in Green Thursday is highly probably some missunderstanding of the original german name. But it was kinda catchy and led our ancestors to a new tradition.

The tradition says that at the Green Thursday one should eat something green. It can be fresh chives or some other herb, spinach or green pepper. One of traditional foods was nádivka or hlavička.

See the photo? We had it for lunch today. 

But you know, Czech people like their beer. Which leads to a new tradition…green beer being served in local pubs.

Not every pub does serve it though, so if you wish to try the green beer you have to check out for a tip on the internet or ask straight in the pub.

From what I have heard there is green beer made by the company Litovel and Starobrno. Each is different and in some pubs you can even try both of them.

As many other traditions, this one is held in the name of good health. It is said the person who eats something green at the Green Thursday will stay healthy.

If you are into new traditions, you can join. And whether you prefer green vegetables or green beer, I hope it works out for you!

More about the Green Thursday on Wikipedia …in english language

More about the Green Thursday on Wikipedia …in czech language
I also wrote a series of posts about the pagan Easter celebration in the Czech Republic.


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