Hi ! I am Barbora or also Charles.

I am a travel blogger and an artist – my artist nickname is Charles Bridge 7x.

After a year and a half pause I am starting to blog again. Right now this site is under a wild brainstorm reconstruction.

I visited many cool places in Czech Republic meanwhile and I want to share all the photos and fun with you. I started to collaborate with my friend Katka, who loves to travel too, so you can read about her travels in a special edition Travelling the Czech Republic with Katka from now on here.


I am posting photos from my travels through the Czech Republic on instagram everyday, you can find all the photos and travel tips on @czechmenu, see ya there!


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    1. Hi, thank you for your comment and support, may you enjoy every minute in this country. I will check out your blog, Pardubice is a great city. Have a nice time!

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    1. Hi Antonio, I have heard that flats are the cheapest in Ostrava. ☺ Generally price of flat with two rooms and a kitchen is ranging from 13 thousand czech crowns a month. I do not have kids, all I know is that a kindergarden will cost you some 6000 a month. I have no idea what is your life standard, as a student I used to have 500 for a week for food, so I would count that as a limit of how low you can go. But I suppose with kids you need much more money, so you can feed them healthy food. For fresh vegetables and fruit it is good to visit a main square in the morning, farmers usually come to sell their goods there. At least thats how it works in Olomouc, I suppose there will be someting like that in Ostrava too. I hope this helps you. Have a good time. Charles


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